Classical Ballet

Ballet is the core training for all dance disciplines and the children are taught within the I.S.T.D. syllabus. It encourages grace, balance and core strength essential for all genres of dance. Along with acquiring a sound basic technique, children will also develop their co-ordination skills and the ability to express themselves musically.
Classes for children 3 years & up.

Modern Theatre

Modern dance is an energetic and theatrical style of dance which teaches the children the foundation for jazz dance which can be seen in many West End and TV shows. The classes involve leaps, high kicks and turns to modern music which develops their strength, flexibility and co-ordination as they progress through the grades.
Classes for children 5 years & up.

Tap Dance

Tap is a fun, rhythmical style of dance which develops the childrens’ natural sense of rhythm. The dancer wears shoes with metal plates on the toe and heel so that they can use their feet to strike the floor beating out different rhythms. Tap dance is extremely popular and can be seen on stage in many West End shows and Musicals.
Classes for children 5 years & up.


Children learn to dance in many different styles including commercial, blues, street and lyrical dance to their favourite modern music. The classes are highly energetic and encourage the children to develop their own dance styles. As with Modern dance, the children learn high kicks, turns and leaps within routines which are varied throughout the term.
Classes for children 8 years & up.


Musical Theatre

This is one of our most popular classes including all three disciplines, dance, acting and singing. The children develop their self confidence by taking part in group drama activities and then solo acting roles as they progress. Songs from many favourite West End shows are taught and combined with commercial dance movement encouraging the children to characterise whilst performing. Older students are also helped to prepare songs and monologues for auditions to gain entry into professional training colleges.
Classes for children 5 years & up.